Don Braddick

Dear Ed,

I want to thank you again for the work you did on my Chrysler PT Cruiser. It’s always a shame for a brand new car with no prior damage to be hit. As an owner you never believe that it’s truly possible to have someone fix the damage completely and renew the car to its pre-accident condition. But I can say 100% that you surpassed my expectations in the work that was put into fixing my car. The work speaks for itself and anyone who saw the initial damage has been blown away by the results. Not to see any paint mismatch, scratches, scrapes or one single piece of evidence from the accident remain, was a very satisfying surprise.

I also want to thank you for working with me in spite of the seemingly limited funds that my insurance company was offering to fix the car. Also, your flexible hours allowed me to pick up the car on Saturday morning when many other shops might be closed (thanks for the ride too!). These factors combined with the quality of work made you a sure-fire reference for all family and friends in need of a quality mechanic.

Much appreciated,

Don Braddick
Chrysler PT Cruiser