Jeanine M

Dear Ed,
My car looks like new again! These were my first thoughts when I walked into your shop. I thought my 2004 Infiniti G35 would never be the same. I was told the color red will never match, well it matches. Thanks to you and your outstanding work it looks perfect. You also did some customizing for me which now makes my G35 different. The rear spoiler and my front grill, I love it. Also, the fact that I was driving my car 10 days after the accident was unbelievable; it had a lot of damage.

I want to say it was a pleasure doing business with you. Your honesty and constant reassurance that the repairs will be done right made the whole occurrence an easy one. I have already told my friends all about you and your shop and if anything should happen again I know I’ll be calling you.

Thank You,
Jeanine M
2004 Infiniti G35
April 8, 2005